Markus Gull

A highlight for every organiser with the best feedback from the participants.

Relationship, values, orientation - that is the great longing of people, today more than ever. Story is the most powerful tool that evolution has given us for this purpose. So why, of all people, does the internationally sought-after keynote speaker on the subject of storytelling say: "I can't stand all this storytelling nonsense any more!"? Simply because of his no-nonsense approach beyond buzzword, because he goes to the heart of the matter: "We need something better: story sharing!"

Markus Gull has been professionally and successfully developing and writing stories for film, radio, television and the stage for decades, Hollywood experience included. His career as a journalist, copywriter, creative director and advertising agency boss has lasted almost as long. No wonder Markus understands the multifaceted nature of storytelling like no one else and stands out from the crowd. - Welcome to the no-bullshit zone!

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