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Red parasol blocks bright sun on light blue sky

Are you also so miserably hot?

The nice thing about the temperatures that almost dominate us is: you can now talk at length about the weather without just talking about the weather. The sweaty tongue that hangs out turns into a whiner. And it looks like the day is not far away when Louis Vuitton will also be offering something like this, because almost every day the measured data puts everything that has gone before in the shade (to boil the metaphor down a bit more).

Heat, heat, heat - severe weather warning - heat, heat, heat - indoors and outdoors.




In the blogcast, I read this recent blog article to you. With emphasis, of course!



The weather does what it wants, the climate does what we should never have wanted, but now have, because for too long we preferred to do something else than what we should have done long ago. In any case, the wallpaper is burning like a torch.

But there is something else.

If at some point the summer heat will subside, even ice & snow will spread, then the climate of our world will nevertheless be completely overheated, in terms of the climate of conversation. That heats up. There one gets already soon no more air, except the thick one. Soon everything is burned up and charred, which was in a conversation of nutritional value and could strengthen the counterpart. 

This heat does not go away. The one inside us glows even though we're freezing inside. Or because. Degree, when the frustration frost shakes us, then everything heats up. 

Do you still listen to the news voluntarily or on purpose? In the meantime, I've reduced it to the bare minimum - out of self-defense. It has become unbearable for me!

The newsfeeds in the social media, the comments under the postings, the interaction online, offline, digital, analog. Once a speech, a hail of counter-speech.

On Twitter, in particular, the offended insulters insult each other in a manner befitting the species. They rebuke and trim each other, they pick on one and put down the others. There is shouting, beating: posted, received, repetition, replication, and all at the same time or even faster. If it were possible, the answer would come before the question from the collar inflated by hot air and burst open.

You don't listen anymore, you drown out, you belittle, you put down, you hack, you throw up, you accuse, you insinuate, you complain and sue, you pull out all the stops, you mend things, you go at each other ... 

Even everyday consideration for one another, one of the most natural core virtues of living together, good old consideration, has long been homeless anyway. People bump into each other, make noise and slow each other down. A sentence by Fred Astaire comes to mind: "The most difficult task that children have to cope with today is to learn good manners without seeing any.

It's a hot time. But how!

Or different after all? 

Surprisingly, at the same time - at least in my perception - the number of people is increasing who are not only asking themselves what is going on and where all this is taking us, but are actively searching for what we humans are all searching for: meaning. Yes, we all are. 

I think that also the Hindrescher:innen do nothing else. They just don't know it as a rule. Or they don't really let it show because they are looking in the wrong places with the wrong lights. Just like the drunk who crawls on all fours around a street lamp in the night, looking for his apartment key, which he didn't lose here, but where he lost it, unfortunately, there is no light. In the current experience, the members of the all-around thugs look in the gas tank with the light of the lighter to see why their battery is dead. As they say: hurt people hurt people.

How can this be corrected? And by whom?

By those who have (or would have) the mandate to do so, i.e. the leaders of our society, the politicians, certainly not by them. Because in this branch the profession is simply structurally skipped. Who confuses this miserable Mikado play with overcooked spaghetti with politics, thinks also that Helene Fischer and Bob Dylan exercise the same occupation. That has as much to do with shaping the world as Jacques Tati does with sumo wrestling.  

Here it needs not only something different, but something much better. It needs you, me, us. And we need a new story. Not a different one. A better one. A new one. Because without us changing the story, the narrative, nothing changes.

Are you ready for a revolution?

We need nothing less than the NEW STORY REVOLUTION - a New Story that doesn't heat us up, but makes us strong, as people, companies and as a society.

This new story is necessary. It turns everything upside down. It tells of unison in connection of opposites in a better future, in which we inspire each other instead of fighting. It is about enabling instead of hindering, about listening, about tuning in to each other, about cooperation, about mutual support, about understanding, about heart building. In this future, we must no longer vainly try to fill the vacuum of meaning within ourselves, and especially through the so-called economy, that is, in our businesses and in our society, through careers, metrics, and consumerism, that is, through material growth for growth's sake, through profit and profit by defeating through the exploitation of resources. In this future, we go for each other, and towards each other, but never at each other. That would be a happy ending and thus a real beginning.

In this future, each of us accepts our call. Each of us has such a call - in the big or in the small, in the universal or in the private. Most of us have heard it, many have listened away, some have overheard it, often it has simply been drowned out. But more and more people are now hearing a bang: the starting signal for a departure into a - no, into their - better yet: into our New Story, for every person, for teams, brands, companies and for our society. 

"Whoever tells the best story wins" is what David Franzoni has the lawyer John Quincy Adams say in his screenplay "Amistad" (directed by Steven Spielberg) as a defender of rebellious slaves. Quincy Adams, the former president of the United States, who certainly wouldn't have tweeted dirt, but might have tweeted his beautiful thoughts like: "I'm a warrior, so that my son may be a merchant, so that his son may be a poet."

If you feel that a new story is needed for yourself, your profession, your company, your team or your brand, if you are on the verge of transformation, you probably want supportive guidance. At this point of the hero's journey, the mentoring force usually appears.

And if you feel like I could be that as a mentor to you, I would be honored.

There are several possibilities for this, depending on the state of your affairs. The PowerHour as a very simple, fast impulse unit, the New Story Bootcamp as an intensive work package especially for brands & companies, or the structured New Story Mentoring - i.e. my platinum program in One on One. 

In either case, we will work together on your powerful inner story that moves, guides and drives you.

We sharpen your perspective, find out what the real core of your task is, what meaning your work has for you and your audience, and what your decisive step is after the famous "why". And finally, we specify what makes the unique impact of your work and formulate the crucial guiding principle for you, your work and everything that comes after. For your New Story that you share with the world.

The story of the NEW STORY REVOLUTION is written with a hot heart, a cool head and a steady hand. It begins not with "Once upon a time ...", but with "Once upon a time ...". Or perhaps with "What if ...?"? Or even with "Wouldn't it be great if we ...?" It is the ancient and yet revolutionary story of our connectedness in being for each other.

We alone are responsible for this: we, you, me. The soundtrack is provided by my grandmother, old Story Dudette, with the scorching title song: "New Story. New Glory."

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