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Reading order: Merry Christmas for book lovers with seven books and three smart ideas.

Books are wonderful gifts! One seriously and lovingly engages with the interests of the gift recipient and one can give them again and again, even without any occasion at all. Yes, the more books a person has, the greater the joy will even be, because bookworms never get enough. And besides, even for people like me who have ten thumbs on both their left hands, books can be packaged in such a way that neither the festive mood nor one's own pride is unduly affected.

Christmas will be over in a fortnight, and those who haven't already done so in September, following the school year cycle, will be busy preparing for the new year. To ensure that there is no shortage of inspiration, I'm rustling through my library a little and recommending seven books on the subject of stories, because that's the proper place for inspiring thoughts. And under the Christmas tree, of course! Beautifully wrapped, for people you love, so also for yourself (hopefully).

If you are thinking about which book to give to whom, perhaps the map from the The New York Times and inspire you to read more. It doesn't necessarily have to be American books.

Book lovers

After my last reading order blog article , Barbara from Tyrol admonished me not to link to Amazon, but rather to direct the flood of inquisitive people towards local bookshops. I can only agree with that! However, I am happy to have Story Insider readers from many countries, and linking to the local bookshop sounds more like "Google it, if you want to know something ...!", i.e. all too much like a quite common service attitude, of which we are all victims and of which I in particular am a passionate enemy.

The links to Amazon are intended as a service for snooping around and for when you want to feed your Kindle right away. Every bookseller is happy about a purchase and gets every book in the twinkling of an eye - sometimes the hand is turned around two or three times ... The reward for this: there is always a lot to discover during a visit to the bookshop, and I am also happy about relevant tips - not only from the non-fiction & specialist book corner.

The two Viennese high school students Konstantin Klingler and Moritz Stephan asked themselves the question: "How can we recreate the uncomplicated shopping experience at Amazon for local booksellers? LOBU platform on its feet.

Book lovers

LOBU already ran successfully in a test version, is currently being optimised and will then go online properly next year. I am happy to be invited by the wonderful Dr. Christian Rammel from the Insitute of Egological Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business as a mentor to share my experience with Konstantin & Moritz for their smart project and young entrepreneur life. I am excited about what is to come. If you are too, then sign up right here and you'll be among the first to hear any news.

Clever & novelty are good keywords for that piece, which I don't own yet, but ordered the same second I spotted it.

Book lovers

Many of us in the reading and writing guild are constantly vacillating between the many practical aspects of the digital world and the inspiring sensuality of the paper world. In writing and reading alike. Many experiences in creative processes show that the brain/heart/hand connection with pen and paper yields much better results than digital writing. This has to do with the special magic of creative work, applies to art, design and every other kind of creativity up to writing concepts and strategies. I share this experience absolutely and without exception, although as a founding member of the Digital Bohemians I am anything but anti-technology.

When reading, especially non-fiction and technical books, we like to write our notes in the margins, stick Post-its inside and let our highlighters dance happily in the colour circle. But what happens to our findings? Correct: mostly nothing, because they remain hidden in the book. The eBook offers many simple possibilities for further use. The Scanmaker now makes this possible for the printed book as well, and according to the demo video, it's so great that one thing is certain: from the day I receive the shipping confirmation, I will greedily attack the parcel carrier until I hold the Scanmaker in my excitedly trembling hands, and I hope that anticipation and joy will then be more or less in balance. In any case, I will report back to you.

But now for the official reading instructions. These seven books have helped me in my work, each in its own way, stimulating my own actions and giving me new thoughts. I hope they do the same for you.

Oh yes, another question I'm often asked: "Why do you always link to the English editions?" - The truth is, I link to the original if the book is written in English, because it is original. Many books are also available in other languages, so please click on if you need more information, or contact your local bookshop.

Whatever we read, in whatever medium, my grandmother, old Story Dudette, stands beside us in spirit with her bookworm on a leash and whispers to us, "No Story. No Glory."

Book lovers

For those interested in the science behind Story.

Guidebooks on the subject of "good writing" usually and mainly deal with how to write well, i.e. with language, style and dramaturgy. I consider mastering these skills to be the - admittedly difficult, yet small - basics for us story insiders , no matter whether we are working on our concepts, advertising letters, film scripts, speeches or presentations.

But what's behind it, how our brain is wired for story, which cognitive secrets are activated by story and much more, there's a lot of amazing stuff to read about in "Wired for Story". Current research from neuroscience serves as a source, as do examples from literature and films. With "Wired for Story" you experience story from the perspective of your brain.


Book lovers

For all those who think you can learn something from politics.

Yes, you can learn something from politics, although the good, positive role model is rather hard to find there, but instead there are lots of tricks, NLP magic and the like, it is said time and again. "Reframing" has almost gained buzzword status in recent months.

"Don't think of an Elephant" has been a standard work for political communication, or better: for communication from a policy perspective, for ten years, and it has now been published in a revised new version. In his book, the legendary George Lakoff not only deals with the classic tools of - political - communication, but also calls for leaving the usual factual communication behind and focusing more on visions and values. Story, after all. This applies not only to political leaders, but to all those who are at the head of teams and groups with ideas.

View at

Book lovers

For all those who want to know why "Why?" drives every story.

Millions of readers worldwide have read Simon Sinek's "Start with why" or seen his talks on TED, the Golden Circle has become almost common knowledge. The big "why?" is what drives us humans, Viktor Frankl built his teaching around this powerful word. "Why?" drives every story.

"Find your Why" is more or less the continuation of "Start with why" and takes the insights from business into the personal sphere for everyone: into everyday life, into the team, into the career. A detailed guide leads to one's own "Why?" and addresses questions such as: Can you have more than one why? Why do I do my work even though it doesn't suit me? Your "Why?" is the beginning of your own story.


Reading Friends

For all those who know that brand story lives from meaning.

"On Purpose" is also a sequel to a successful book, namely " Bold". Purpose arises when a company's "Why?" becomes a "Because!", i.e. the common goal, the mission, the vision, built on a clear foundation of values. This is a special challenge for every brand that has grown massively through the multitude of new channels.

"On Purpose" brings practical tips, cases and modelable inspiration for your work, especially as meaning is the best - and in my opinion the only - sustainably effective driving force for brand story.

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Book lovers

For all those who wonder how story works in the digital world.

What makes a good digital story? Quite simply: the same thing that makes every good story. But translated into digital media, there are a few more aspects to it, for B2B as well as B2C. "Digital Storytelling" brings all kinds of worthwhile reading on topics such as: What are the specifics of using digital content on different devices? How do digital technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, Bluetooth and QR codes contribute to digital storytelling? How will digital storytelling develop in the coming years?


Book lovers

For those who want a sparring session with a social media champion.

Successful entrepreneur, investor and New York Times bestselling authorGary Vaynerchuck is a legend with his own marketing via social media, his vlog and his energetic appearances as a speaker. With his Vaynermedia, #garyvee advises large companies on their social media issues and now shares his know-how with all of us in "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" .

Content, context and channel are the parameters that control success. The many examples across all industries inform and inspire you for your content production and social media work for the different platforms, so that you place your story as unerringly as a right hook and don't just have to hope for a lucky punch.


Book lovers

For all those who are fed up with advertising.

As Story Insiders , we have all sworn "Story instead of advertising!" because we know that advertising, as it behaves today, is for the most part scuffling for the Share of Noise and equally tugs at our patience as it rattles the Watschenbaum. Advertising sucks.

Martin Lindstrom is a veteran of the scene, sought-after branding expert and author of several books, including "Brandwashed". In it, he reports on his experiences behind the scenes of the marketing world. This book is, so to speak, the confession of an advertiser who reveals to us how advertising influences us - even in the womb. Manipulation is the motto, i.e. the opposite of respectful, values-based communication, which Story makes possible. Enlightening and sobering at the same time.


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