Markus Gull

#30 - with Andreas Gfrerer on the necessary power of art

Artistic, creative activity helps us to be human, to become us, to discover our own history. Stories always tell something about transformation: people shedding their skin and finding themselves in a way that surprises them.

Art is much, much more than just relevant to the system. Art is always vital. Andreas Gfrerer, owner, boss and impresario of the Art-Hotel Blaue Gans in Salzburg, knows all about that. This house stands in the middle of the city of Mozart, but far away from any clichés that one immediately sees passing before one's mind's eye.

Andreas knows about the healing, saving, stimulating and life-enriching power of art in many forms, especially in these times of ours, when he, as a hotelier, has all too much free time in the day, although he should have even more worries, one would assume. But out of his mouth come sentences like: "I enjoy this time." This is an extraordinary podcast encounter that I am very happy about.

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