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#29 - with Nunu Kaller about shopping madness and sensible shopping.

In the first Lockdown, Nunu Kaller compiled a list of Austrian (sorry Restwelt) shops from all sectors where you can easily shop online. In the meantime, over 7,000 shops are listed there - as an alternative to the Amazon shopping reflex.

Shopping is an important topic for the activist, author, feminist and spontaneous idea implementer. She has already written two books about this and another about the beauty craze. She stands up against ignorance, beauty terror or shopping madness and stands up for justice, feminism and good ideas. Here you can experience her full-throttle visit in my virtual podcast studio.


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Nunu Kaller Website

Nunus shop list for the domestic trade

"Buy me!" - the new book

"The True Cost" - Documentary

"The world according to Corona" - Article by Matthias Horx

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