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#27 - with Matthias Hombauer about vocation and life as a dad-preneur

Our inner call, the calling to our true path, comes to us at times and places you wouldn't believe possible! The molecular biologist Matthias Hombauer, for example. "Is he still out of his mind?", some people around him must have asked themselves at the time, because Matthias decided to quit molecular biology, registered his business as a photographer and started a career as a rock star photographer, and that without being able to take photographs. However, he quickly learned that and a whole lot of other things as well, as he tells us.

He became an internationally successful rock star photographer - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Prodigy or the Rolling Stones have already stood in front of his camera - with a top photography course Internet entrepreneur, successful podcaster and, above all, an enthusiastic dad.

At this point, the next call came to him. I spoke with Matthias Hombauer about why he happily followed it, why he found a new daddycation as a dadpreneur and much more.

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Matthias Hombauer - Dadpreneuer

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