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#26 - with Ronny Kokert about rebellion and why true rebels don't fight at all.

For hope for a better tomorrow and rebellion to come together, you need Rebels with a cause. One such cause is Ronny Kokert, whom I have counted among my friends for many years.
Ronny is one who, as a former Open Taekwondo World Champion, knows first-hand what struggle means and what it sounds like when bones break. Ronny also knows what hope means and what it sounds like when it bursts. From his own experience and because he brings hope. To the refugee camp in Moria, for example.
This episode with Ronny is about his hero's journey, which Joseph Campbell could hardly have thought up better, and why being able to fight means no longer having to fight, so that meaning can emerge.

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Ronny Kokert

SHINERGY - Rebels with a Cause

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Freedom Fighters

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Joseph Campbell "The Hero's Journey

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