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#25 - with Gregor Demblin about getting back up even though you can't anymore.

Hardly anyone knows better than Gregor Demblin that life can change from one beautiful second to the next. 25 years ago, he took a refreshing plunge into the cool sea on his Matura trip.

Flawuschschschuhh... Then it was quiet.

He was pulled out of the sea alive at the last second and has been in a wheelchair ever since.

In the meantime, a lot has happened - he has done a lot. For example, the book "How I Learned to Love Plan B. Resilience for Beginners." which could also be called "Amor fati" for full professionals.

In this episode of my podcast, Gregor tells how he managed to develop a new perspective - his perspective - from absolutely desperate bitterness. One that is good for him, and good for many, many others, because from this perspective he has brought himself back to life, to a better life and a more than impressive company into the world. One that is good and good for something. For quite a lot, in fact - but hear for yourself.

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Book Gregor Demblin "How I Learned to Love Plan B."



Amor fati

Van Morrison: "Into the Mystic

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