Markus Gull

#24 - with Wolf Lotter about the world and how we understand it again.

Wolf Lotter has a new book coming out "Interconnections - How we learn to understand the world again." Why this is important? "Because in a world that is becoming more and more complex, we talk a lot about the knowledge society, but no one really understands what is really meant by the networks of technology, the economy, culture or contemporary education. Not only do we lack insight, we hardly trust ourselves to have it," he says.

And Wolf Lotter knows much more, as you will quickly and enlighteningly find out in this podcast episode. It's about saying goodbye to blind faith and unlocking complexity as the foundation of social community. This makes possible what we long for, namely to be different without perceiving the world and others as the enemy. Everyone can be who they are, everyone can become what they want to be - and in this very diversity be connected to the world.

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Wolf Lotter

Book "Interconnections - How we learn to understand the world again".

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