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#23 - with Sigrid Tschiedl about values, impact and being of value

If you want to talk about values and being valuable, it's best to talk to Sigrid Tschiedl. Smart as I am, I did, and you can listen to us here and read more about it in Sigrid's latest book. It's called "WertSEIN".
Being means - also and above all - being of value.
What are our values worth to us?
What do we want to be worth?
This is our inner story, which is not just about what was, but about our truth.
The particularly good thing about it is that no one else but we ourselves write this story.
This is true for each of us personally, and to the same extent for every company, for teams, for our society. Whether we live our values or not - each for ourselves, for each other, as leaders: "By their deeds you shall know them". In this we recognise ourselves.
This is how we write our inner history, which is what matters. It does not tell of what we experience, but of what we recognise. It tells of how we have transformed ourselves within ourselves. Not about what we have succeeded in, but whether we have succeeded in ourselves. That is our being of value, and that should be worth every effort, shouldn't it? Because without our inner value story, we meander through life without orientation.

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