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#20 - with Eva Krallinger-Gruber about Fräulein Flora's passion for correcting the image of Salzburg.

Everyone knows that Salzburg enjoys a lot of international fame, but is not known for its breathtaking cosmopolitanism. But that's not true either, because in the city of Mozart there is much more than folklore and the good old days: many young people with a lot of good ideas, an increasingly diverse local scene, events, cultural initiatives and, in addition, too well-hidden pleasures that need to come to light. That's what Eva Krallinger-Gruber and her husband Matthias said to themselves, and with a huge amount of passion they started the project "Fräulein Flora - Salzburg's young city blog." This heartfelt thing turned into a profession, a magazine, a consulting agency and many other products that combine to form a thriving media ecosystem that is now reaching more cities.

And in the Corona Shutdown? The two entrepreneurs showed a very special attitude and they also demonstrated how the inner story leads the outer action and triggers change.

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The "Miss Flora" Universe

Miss Flora - Blog

QWANT - Magazine

SALT - Gentur

Two reading tips by Eva Krallinger-Gruber:
(Please buy books at your local bookstore!)

  1. Jennifer Clement: "Gun Love
  2. Birgit Birnbacher: "Me by my side"

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