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#17 - Wake up, everybody!

With the loud wake-up call for heart & brain: "Wake up, everybody! No more sleeping in bed ..." this episode heralds the second semester of my podcast.

"Wake up, everybody!" is actually meant as a call: for all of us. There is much to do in the new normal and the "second wave" that seems to be building up - and far beyond.

First of all, we should do what is hardly ever taught in schools anymore: Ask questions. Question ourselves.

When many people in positions of responsibility in these disturbing times, in which many lack orientation even more than usual, speak of light at the end of the tunnel and that everything will be fine again after a difficult autumn/winter period, because everything will be the same as before, we could ask three questions:

IS THAT good?
Is THAT good?
Is this GOOD?

And if the answer is not a convinced "Yes!" three times, then that is a clear sign that we should not add another chapter to the story we have been telling ourselves and each other since time immemorial, but that we need a whole new story.

The "The winner takes it all!" story may have been effective for a long time and also successful for some - for ABBA in the summer 40 years ago, for example. In any case, it was and is momentous for all, with narrow potential for joy.

"Wake up, everybody!" is also a wake-up call for a new generation of leaders, because it is no secret that the current one has too much tunnel vision for what is needed, but too few shining lights, even if some hypocritically confuse the borrowed spotlight with their halo.

Yes, it needs a new generation of leaders, mentors and teachers: "Wake up all the teachers, time to teach a new way ...!" A generation that asks questions and questions, questions itself and leads: first and foremost its own life, independently in a strong community. And each of us can be part of this new generation of leaders.

We don't need a better story or even a bigger one for that. We need a NEW STORY ...

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"Wake up, everybody!"
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