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#21 - The "Rock my Soul" Musical Special

Knowledge can be delivered in stories of epic dimensions, but can also come along in a light-footed manner, because there is nothing at all wrong with an "Aha!" wrapped in good-humoured entertainment.

As an author who also takes great pleasure in turning a purring wheel in the entertainment business, this is always a principle for my work, because I am convinced that even in seemingly mundane things like musicals there are songs slumbering that can still resonate in people when the earworms have long since fallen silent. Rock my Soul" is currently running at the Metropol in Vienna - already the seventh musical that Peter Hofbauer and I have shaken out of our dowsing rods, which have mutated into fountain pens.

In the flower power sound of the 70s, the piece tells the story of the band's founder Andy Duke and his playmates and above all about big dreams, even bigger expectations and premature promises that sometimes have too little space in small worlds and therefore burst. But it also tells about the fact that we can build new dreams from the fragments again, and about the fact that a team is more than its members and that leadership is more than commanding.

Directed by Andy Hallwaxx, the star-studded production celebrated a brilliant revival. Andy Lee Lang, Conny Mooswalder, Vincent Bueno and others provide the very best atmosphere and are guests of mine, as is Metropol-Cher Peter Hofbauer, with whom I am now almost 20 years into a successful writing partnership.

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"Rock my Soul Trailer


Marcel Prawy

Jukebox Musical


Andy Lee Lang

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Cornelia Mooswalder
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Vincent Bueno

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